Still waiting…

Stilllll waiting.

40 weeks + 4 days.

Kyle’s mom was in town for the past week. Originally, I thought we would be lucky if August waited for her to arrive. But today we said goodbye with no baby in sight.

I’ve been having some uncomfortable contractions tonight, but they aren’t coming with regularity. They are painful enough to remind me that I ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

B-b-b-baby, I just ain’t seen nothing yet.

Do you know who sang that song? I had to look it up. Bachman-Turner Overdrive. I have no idea who that is. They also sang Takin’ Care of Business.

But I digress.

Since little Augie (Auggie?) didn’t cooperate and come in September, I am glad that he didn’t come on days that belong to other family members. Adelaide’s birthday was the 29th, our sister-in-law’s birthday was the 30th, our niece’s birthday was yesterday, and our anniversary is today. We have an open window on October 3rd and 4th, and then it’s my grandpa’s birthday on the 5th. But I’m sure Grandpa wouldn’t mind sharing his special day if it came to that.

So that’s what’s going on.

Now it’s time to take a walk, put Adelaide to bed, and spend some time with my love.

Or, you know, have a baby.